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The following is a compilation of issues regarding the Terms of Service for thePortOfNewYork.com web site.

We value the privacy of our users and do not obtain data that you do not provide to us. This includes that we do not use or scan for cookies that you may have on your computer. Our hosting company does gather generic data to determine activity on the web site and where users have come from or go to. In no way is this information identifying you individually and we do not use this data except to assist and improve in our sites performance and traffic to the site.

If you provide information to the owners of the site by email, subject to the terms shown below, such information should be considered public knowledge unless otherwise expressly requested by the person submitting such information. Resumes submitted, by their nature, may contain personally identifiable information and may be shared, or even sold, by thePortOfNewYork.com. Should a resume be submitted and personal circumstances change, the user should request the removal of their resume from our database. All such requests will be honored and no sharing of their information will be forthcoming.

The site is provided "as-is" and nothing will guarantee that the site will remain up and running for any length of time .This is not the official site of the Port of New York and nothing in this site is meant to imply anything other than that. It is possible that the Port may decide to request the closure of the site. As such their is no guarantee that we will remain active.

Though you may submit information to the site for inclusion, there is no guarantee that any such information will be used. Upon submission of any such material, you are agreeing that you have the full right and authority to such information, including trademark and copyright, and that you are granting this site the unlimited license to reproduce such information, including potentially uniquely identifiable information unless you specifically request for such information to be withheld.

All information on this site is believed to be either in the public domain or used in the manner expressly provided as authorized by the owner of the material. If there is any intellectual property violation on this site, is the intent of the owners of this site to remove any such violation immediately.

If there are any questions about this policy or concerns over potential violations, please contact us immediately at web@theportofnewyork.com.

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